Friday, February 15, 2008

Does Apple Care?

Who does this sound familiar to?

Take your Mac to the Apple Genius bar to get fixed. They tell you it will be a while. You wait.

Eventually, maybe this visit, maybe a subsequent visit...they open up your computer to install a new part of some kind.

But wouldn't you know it? Some how you have "liquid damage." Funny. You don't remember spilling anything on you computer. Sweating on your computer? Drinking soda near your computer? Showering with your computer?

Sound familiar to you?

I'm trying to see how many of us there are. Got a story, please post it.

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Thank You!


steve said...

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Matt said...

This happened to me today. The only thing wrong is my optical drive; it spits out DVDs, but plays CDs fine. Somehow, this was caused by liquid damage. I'm trying to follow up and fight it, though I doubt I will get anywhere. Apple is going to fuck me here.

Fortunately, I returned my extended warranty when I realized how useless it would obviously be.

Sharon said...

Howdy! Doesn't look like you've had many takers here, but I suspect there are more of us out here than anyone thinks.

Today (March 27, 2010), I took my MacBook to the GeniusBar.

About 3 weeks ago, the battery quit charging. I'm a Computer Programmer, so I read up on the forums and troubleshooting and figured out what to try to get it working.

Having had all those things fail, I took it off to Apple, knowing they would say it's not the battery, but it's probably the battery connector... also knowing that if it wasn't the battery connector, I was up for $1600 Australian for a new logic board! (Yep, that's what it costs here).

But I was still very shocked and surprised when I got a call from them saying that it had "Liquid Damage" and was not under warranty. (I am not in the apple warranty anymore, but have an extended warranty through my amex card, which won't be honoured if they cite liquid damage as the cause).

Like so many others, I've NEVER had the computer around water. I KNOW it's not liquid damage. This of course isn't to mention the fact that I have a stack of laptops sitting in my second bedroom that still work fine but were retired because they're old... I've never had water damage to any of them...

Anyway, I was so beside myself, I couldn't talk to the apple people. My husband had to take over so I could go have a good cry.

He asked them how it could be that everything else on the computer works just fine. It just doesn't charge.

Surely if the logic board were corroded, then the computer would have other problems? Why was it only the battery was affected?

Currently, we have a promise that the head tech is going to personally check it, however, they won't let us look inside the computer to see the corrosion for ourselves, nor take photos.

We have told them that if they still claim liquid damage, we will take it to a third party and have the corrosion analysed. If we find out they are lying, we will take legal action.

At that point, they told us they had been instructed by Apple to not talk to anyone threatening legal action.

Nice. Great customer service there.

As the video said, I LOVE my MacBook. I have been prepared to never buy another sort of computer, since I got it. I am so in awe of it.

Now that some "corrosion" crap, which is clearly a problem with these computers and no cause of mine has happened, I'm going to have to rethink that.

Apple, you suck!

I will keep you posted on my progress!

Kryptonite said...

This happened to me this week and I'm pissed because of it. I bought my computer a little over 7days ago and they are claiming liquid damage. Its just not possible. The first few after I purchased it, I didn't even take the computer out of the box and now this.

While the "Genius" (and I use that term extremely loosely) was very apologetic, their only advice was to see if my renter's insurance would cover it. This is unacceptable and I'm very shocked with Apple's customer service regarding this issue.

Maraya said...


This happened to me with my 3 week old 11 inch macbook air!!

Foolishly thinking Apple products and customer service were just as solid and dependable as in the states because this had been my experience with the many apple products I have owned in the past including, my previous macbook (which served me well for 4 years), multiple iphones and multiple ipods. When the mother board burnt out of my old mac I bought my new Mac Air in Puerto Vallarta.

After just 3 weeks of loving use, the device would no longer turn on! I drove to Guadalajara, where the closest mac store is and left it for repairs.

Now they tell me there is liquid damage and I have to pay almost the full price of the device to repair the computer!!

I just do not understand how they can refuse to replace or repair a computer I have only had for 3 weeks! I have loved and cared for ALL my Apple products in the past and when living in New York and Los Angeles I never came across such poor customer service.

I NEVER EVER had liquids anywhere near my beautiful new computer and now I do not know what to do??!!

HELP! =(

Michael G. said...

This happened to me. There is absolutely NO WAY any liquid was spilled inside my computer. The MacBook Pro was just sitting on a desk.

The computer is under extended warranty coverage. Apple sent me a report that said my computer was beyond economic repair (no explanation). I assumed that meant they were going to replace it. When I inquired, the tech took several minutes to “investigate” and came back on the line with the liquid damage story. He would not discuss it. He said I would have to go to the local Apple store.

I took the MacBook to the Apple store and they gave me the same line. They would not discuss it. They told me about the liquid indicators (which I knew) and categorically stated it would not be covered. I asked for a copy of the technical service report and they refused to provide it! They cited "confidentiality."

I paid for the service call via my warranty coverage. It is MY computer. There is no acceptable reason for them to withhold the report from me.

So, they issue one report to the customer and have a second, secret internal report that they refuse to share with the customer! Apple is hiding something! Why do they refuse to provide the technical service report if they have nothing to hide?

IF there really was liquid damage, then it has to be due to a PRODUCT DEFECT. We had just had a couple of weeks of abnormally cool weather with high humidity and rain. Could it possibly be due to the aluminum cover condensing water vapor in high humidity environments?

I believe this is a scam. I paid top dollar for Apple and expected a quality product with premium service. I am going to call the attorney general’s office. Please provide any information about similar occurrences.